Is your product management organization operating at its full potential? Do product managers have the right knowledge and skills to deliver great products and solutions? Has the product development organization been set up for success?

Using experience at numerous organizations of all sizes around the world, Prickril Consulting can help you answer these questions and work with your team to radically improve the effectiveness of your product management organization. From setting a compelling product vision to prioritizing individual features, Greg can help you identify and optimize the processes that transform ideas into shipping products. Assessments are:

  • Based on a flexible framework and can be delivered in as little as a week

  • Generate understandable, actionable results

  • Provide the basis for tracking improvements to product management effectiveness over time

Organizational Maturity Score

Our framework generates a single maturity score for your product management organization based on three key dimensions:

  • Maturity of your product management-related processes such as roadmapping and release planning

  • Professional competency of your product managers and their leadership

  • Effectiveness of your organizational setup, including factoring of accountabilities across disciplines

Contact us today to discuss how Prickril Consulting can improve the strategic impact of your product management organization.