Business Case Development for Product Professionals

Seats still available:

  • November 13/14 - Frankfurt

  • December 12/13 - Munich

  • December 18/19 - Tel Aviv

Enroll here! Course flyer here.

Enroll here! Course flyer here.

Product managers and other product professionals face special challenges in developing business cases. Whether you’re pitching a new product or taking an existing one to the next level, this course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to create winning business cases and confidently pitch them to decision-makers. Taught by two veteran product managers with over 40 years of experience, this course will give you the inside track to quickly building a business case and getting it approved. As a participant, you will:

  • Learn the critical sections of a successful business case

  • Understand key financials and how to generate them

  • Learn to overcome common objections from decision-makers

  • Improve your presentation skills to deliver compelling pitches

  • Expand your network with professionals facing challenges similar to yours.

As a course participant, you’ll get:

  • Course materials including presentations and a study guide

  • Recorded lectures for future reference

  • Access to an online course on business models

  • Templates and examples

  • Two hours of free coaching with an instructor

  • Membership in a community of other students

Course Agenda

Day 2

  • Financials Overview

  • Projecting Revenues

  • Projecting Costs

  • Building the Case

  • Presenting Business Cases

Day 1

  • What is a business case?

  • Creating the foundation: The Lean Canvas

  • Extending the Lean Canvas

  • Capturing Business Context

  • Strategic alignment

  • Understanding Markets

Enroll here! Course flyer here.

Course Instructors

Greg Prickril is a digital product strategy consultant and trainer with almost 20 years of experience. He's shipped products as a product manager at IBM, Microsoft and SAP. Greg's experience in new product discovery has given him deep insight into the process of creating business cases that get approved.

Lior Zadicareo is a product management expert with 30 years of experience in high-tech product management including 15 years of work in the US, Australia and Europe. Lior lectures and implements Product Management methodologies since 2005.