Since 2015, Prickril Consulting has helped global companies define and execute winning strategies for enterprise products and solutions. Combining innovative consulting services, training and coaching, we can help you get the most out of your product and solution teams, taking their performance to the next level.

Our vision

Prickril Consulting’s vision is a world full of happy product and solution customers.

Although we directly help the organizations offering products and solutions to the market, our focus is always on ensuring that their customers are getting market-leading value from our clients, which we hope makes them happy. We believe compelling products and solutions have a unique multiplying effect that can make the world a better place. Prickril Consulting is proud to be part of this transformation.

Our Mission

Prickril Consulting’s mission is to help organizations deliver products and solutions to the market with strategic purpose by improving the maturity and effectiveness of their product and solution managers.


Greg Prickril - Cropped.jpg

Greg Prickril has spent the last 20 years helping some of the biggest companies in the world deliver better products and solutions by focusing on the strategic perspective of offering development. He worked as a product manager shipping products at IBM, Microsoft and SAP before opening his own consultancy focused on enterprise product and solution strategy in 2015. Prickril Consulting has delivered engagements in Europe, the US and Asia. Greg is an American living in Heidelberg, Germany and is available worldwide.

Greg has helped global B2B companies:

  • Define a consistent theoretical basis for product development

  • Develop and execute strategies aligned across the organization

  • Create compelling business cases and execute powerful portfolio processes