Online Product Business Case Course Available!


We are thrilled to announce that, after months of work, the availability of the online version of our Business Case Development for Product Professionals course! We’ve poured more than 40 years of PM experience into this highly interactive online experience. The course focuses on the process of creating a great product business case, helping product professionals avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. You can find more information at Product Strategy University.

Digital Product Business Case Course announced! [Nov 13 & 14 2018, Frankfurt]


We are thrilled to announce another installment of the Digital Product Business Case Development for Product Professionals in Frankfurt, Germany on November 13th and 14th. This two day course provides a detailed “practice” for converting a Lean Canvas into a compelling business case. All phases of business case development are covered, including the all-important pitch. The course is valuable for any product professional involved in creating product business cases or interested in the commercial aspects of digital product development.

Lean Canvas for Product Managers Online Course Launched!

Prickril Consulting is pleased to announce an addition to its online curriculum for product professionals: The Lean Canvas for Product Managers. The course takes product managers step-by-step through the process of capturing a product business model using the Lean Canvas. The course takes less than 90 minutes to complete, generating a thorough representation of a product business model that can be used in product discovery or as part of product strategy definition. Examples from representing different business models are presented for inspiration. The course is a prerequisite for the Digital Product Business Case Development course, also available online. Visit Product Strategy University for information on pricing.

Digital Product Business Case Course delivered in Frankfurt

frankfurt skyline.png

Greg and Lior Zadicario (Star Vision Partners) delivered the Digital Product Business Case course in Frankfurt on September 4th and 5th. We had an incredible group of 10 digital product managers for a 2-day deep-dive covering business case content, the process of creating a business course and, of course, the all-important pitch. See our training schedule for future trainings!

I had an outstanding experience taking this course. Its focus on the process of creating product-oriented business cases, including pitching them to executive leaders, was thorough and insightful. I was able to immediately apply the concepts and techniques I learned to a business case I successfully presented soon after the course. The course made my business case and pitch better!”

— Marco Tillman, Digital Product Manager and course participant