What People are Saying

I've given my course to software product managers from companies of all sizes around the world. Developers, students, researchers and startup founders have also attended. For more information on courses, see the Course Schedule.

Here is what participants have to say about the course:


“I’ve done product management and business development spanning network infrastructure, communications and multimedia solutions. Although I had encountered most of the concepts Greg covered in the foundation-level software product management course, I liked the way the ISPMA framework consolidated and summarized them. I especially enjoyed hearing about Greg’s experience over the years (there were a lot of entertaining anecdotes!). Now that I’ve had an opportunity to apply some of what I learned in the course, I’m even more enthusiastic about recommending the course to others.”

Markus Klopf, Product Business Manager, Aviation at Frequentis

“I had good exposure to product management in my role as a Scrum product owner, but Greg’s course gave me insight into the full breadth of product management activities and responsibilities. I really liked the many stories he told from his own experience at big companies like Microsoft and SAP. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to understand software product strategy.”

Válter Rocha, Scrum Product Owner, Development Team Leader


"I am a product management consultant with experience as a Scrum product owner. I feel this course will help me  demonstrate the strategic importance of product management to my clients. I learned a lot from the exercises and thought they were really fun. Greg backs up the concepts he describes with his experience at impressive companies around the world like Microsoft and IBM. I’m looking forward to taking other courses from him (especially the one on business models). I would recommend this course to anyone interested in running a successful software business."

Fernando Lyardet, Product Management Consultant

“Greg is an energetic instructor who makes the theory of product management much more interesting by talking about his experience at companies like IBM and Microsoft. His course is a nice balance of strategic and operational topics. I learned a lot. Especially his insights and best practice from the large companies  helped me to improve my product management skills. I highly recommend the course.”

Stefan Galler, Product Business Manager, ATM Networks at Frequentis


"As part of an innovative company, I have several years of practical experience both as a Scrum Product Owner and as a Software Product Manager. The course provided me with a very good foundation and formalization of product management concepts relevant for my day-to-day work. As Greg presented the content in a very agile and interactive way, concentration could be kept high over all three days. His ability to directly combine theoretical knowledge with real practical experience from his past are a strong differentiator for his course. Clear recommendation to all who want to combine a training/certification with direct practical insights."

Dr. Markus Schlattmann, Software Product Manager, AGT International


"Everyone knows that you should connect overall strategy with the daily operations, but the demands of running a startup can cause you to overlook this connection sometimes. Greg’s course helped me understand the strategic and operational considerations that are critical to converting a great software idea into a sustainable business. I highly recommend this course to other software startup founders who are looking to bring the best product possible to market as quickly as possible."

Dr. Sebastian Denef, CEO and Founder at UBERBLIK

“As the founder of a software startup, Klar+, we’re continuously learning about how to define and deliver products people will love. Greg’s course helped fill in some important gaps in our team’s knowledge and skills. I really like the strategic perspective and real world insights I got from Greg’s course. I think whether you’re working for a “mature” company or one that’s just beginning its journey, Greg’s course is a great investment in terms of increasing your chances of success. I highly recommend it.”
Alex Schulze-Fielitz, CEO and Founder of Klar+


"As an intern in software development, I’d worked with product owners and product managers but didn’t really understand everything they do. This course helped me understand the business side of software products. I think I’ll be able to work more effectively with product owners now. I thought the course was fun and held my interest. I think most developers would benefit from this kind of training."

Bekir Bayrak, Computer Science student at Technical University of Darmstadt


"The training course gave me the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge about software product management in real life. I have studied this topic at the university. However, in this course I got what you will not find in the books. This is due to the fact the large experience working as a software product manager at some of the largest companies around the world that Greg has. In addition, this course gave me the chance to grow my professional network. Considering this, I would recommend this course 100%."

Piero A. Divasto Martínez
Student of M.Sc. in Business Informatics, Mannheim University


As managing director of the Institute for Research Performance Management (IPERF), I’ve been exposed to driving innovation through research in all kinds of companies, including software companies. Greg’s course gave me insight into how innovation coming out of Research departments can be turned into commercial offerings that drive business results. Getting deeper insight into how a software product team functions as especially interesting. I found the exercises to be really valuable (and a lot of fun). I met some very interesting people in the class that I’m still in touch with. This course is a great 3-day investment for people who want to understand how software products get built and taken to market. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa, Managing Director, IPERF