"Greg’s foundation-level product management course was exactly what I was looking for as I stepped into product management: an experience based understanding of what the "real-world" product manager is expected to do, the challenges in the big product companies and best practices for addressing them. 

The course was a refreshing change from many others I have attended. We had a diverse group of people working on software products, including entrepreneurs and developers. The group size and style of lectures made all three days fun and interactive with enough scope for open discussions. 

The most enjoyable part were the exercises that allowed us to apply concepts from lectures as we worked in teams building our dummy products through the three day course. Highly valuable were the open discussions on challenges faced by real life product managers and how Greg and the others solved them in different scenarios. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone trying to break into product management."

Aastha Vij, Software Product Manager, AGT International