To be successful, product managers must influence many stakeholders, from engineering to sales and marketing and executive leaders. However, PMs are rarely trained on one of the most critical skills needed to effectively lead without authority: negotiation. As PMs, we find ourselves asking questions like:

  • How can I get the capacity I need from engineering to deliver a winning release?

  • How can I convince customers to balance the market's needs with their own?

  • How can I convince leadership to give me the resources I need to make my product successful?

  • How can I persuade marketing to focus on my product launch?

As a product manager, you are negotiating all the time! By adopting a simple framework for negotiating and learning a few simple techniques, you can become much more effective at not only the outcome you want, but the outcome that is best for all parties involved.

 In this course, you will learn:

  • To leverage skills you've already developed as a PM to also be a great negotiator

  • Techniques to lower tension and focus on solving problems

  • How to be persuasive without being overbearing or unfair

  • "Types" of negotiators and how to most effectively persuade them

I've been doing product management for 20 years and can assure you a little knowledge and practice can revolutionize your negotiation skills and get you better results in your professional and personal lives.

In this course we’ll balance theory with role-playing, resulting in an immediate improvement to your negotiation skills!

 You can be a great negotiator!