Giving Your PMs the Professional

Development Program They Deserve

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As someone responsible for professional development, you know that product managers are an important part of your organization’s success. But maintaining their effectiveness and up-skilling them in a in a market that’s constantly evolving is a challenge. You may be asking yourself:

  • How can we instill organizational values and norms but still personalize development activities?

  • How can we minimize the need for travel and physical co-location in professional development

  • How can I be sure that our PMs are progressing and feel challenged and fulfilled?

Key Outcomes

  • Better business performance

  • Higher PM morale and engagement

  • Great return on professional development investment

You get

  • An assessment to determine organizational goals and needs

  • Specialized plans for participating product managers

  • Simple, flat fee per product manager with well-defined benefits

  • Status reports on individual professional development

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