Online Training at Product Strategy University (PSU)

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Prickril Consulting understands that not everyone is able to attend training in person so we’ve begun making select courses available online at Product Strategy University (PSU).

These courses use the exact same lectures, material, templates and examples as the live “presence” course. At PSU, you can study at your own pace and refer back to the materials whenever you want. Because the courses are always evolving, you’ll get new lectures, content, examples and templates as they become available.

  • Foundation-level Product Management gives participants and end-to-end perspective on product management, preparing them for optional international certification.

  • Capturing Product Business Models with the Lean Canvas helps product managers and other product professionals capture their product’s business model.

  • Digital Product Business Case Development for Product Professionals provides an adaptable process for converting a Lean Canvas into a winning business case, including guidance on making a compelling pitch to decision-markers.

Explore PSU and increase your strategic impact on your product and organization today!