You dream of being a product manager who builds a great product, delights customers and drives big revenue. But it is famously difficult to get that first break. Training, mock interviews and networking are important but aren’t enough.

What you need is a customized program that prepares you to land the right PM job for you. You also need help getting visibility with organizations who are willing to hire talent and develop them.

Your custom development program includes:

  • Access to online learning on the fundamentals of product management

  • Coaching sessions with a successful, experienced product mentor

  • An opportunity to work as part of a team designing a digital product, a.k.a., a side project

  • Guidance on effective resume creation and a resume review

  • Registration in our job placement service

  • Guidance on effective interviewing and a database of common PM interview questions

  • Access to templates and examples that will help you prepare for interviews and manage products can your career.

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