Greg’s foundation-level product management course was exactly what I was looking for as I stepped into product management: an experience based understanding of what the “real-world” product manager is expected to do...”

Aastha Vij, Software Product Manager

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Foundation-level Product Management (course details)

  • March 27-29, 2019 Heidelberg, Germany

  • April 24-26, 2019 Frankfurt, Germany

  • May 15-17, 2019 Berlin, Germany

I had an outstanding experience taking this course. Its focus on the process of creating product-oriented business cases, including pitching them to executive leaders, was thorough and insightful. I was able to immediate apply the concepts and techniques I learned in the course to a business case I successfully presented soon after the course.

The course made my business case and pitch better immediately!”
- Marco Tillman

Product Business Case Development (course details)

  • April 2-3, 2019 Tel Aviv

  • June 4-5, 2019 Berlin, Germany